My Dad is 72
  1. He doesn't talk to Joey anymore bc he lost $385K "playing dice this year and went crazy."
  2. He doesn't talk to Jim anymore because he once went to dinner with Jim and Ray. Jim asked Ray to order a full slab of ribs instead of a half slab of ribs so they could share them. Jim then didn't offer to pay for his half of the ribs. Ray was okay with it but my dad told Jim off and now they're done. Jim still likes my mom's FB posts so things r ok
  3. Earl doesn't talk to my dad anymore bc one time they were at chipotle and after my parents finished their food, Earl asked if they'd sit with him while he ate. Earl got his food, came back outside to sit down and my Dad said he took too long and they were ready to go so they left him alone after Earl specifically asked him to not do that.
  4. It's unclear why he hasn't talked to Arnold in over ten years, but when my Dad visited me in LA he knocked on Arnold's door and Arnold didn't answer so he considers the ball to now be in Arnold's court.
  5. My dad says he doesn't want to be friends with Earl anyway because Earl is a "bachelor" and just wants to go out and get girls.
  6. I don't remember why he doesn't talk to Jay but I think it's just because Jay "talks too much."
  7. These are all people my Dad went to HS or college with and has known for over 50 years and will probably die very soon.
  8. Honestly, LOL