1. I ate too much red sauce and now my stomach hurts
  2. I can't sleep because of it
  3. but I'm soooooo tired
  4. bc I'm still on Illinois/mom and dad time
  5. I actually exercised today but as if it matters after today became a dairy free for all
  6. watched the trailer for suicide squad and I want to see it but I only want to see it right now and I'm scared when it comes out I will have forgotten that I cared
  7. trailer for the fifth wave looks good too but same concerns
  8. no one ever wants to talk about how good war of the worlds was
  9. I watched cute doggy videos like every other problematic member of gen XYZ
  10. oh today I met my new neighbors both around age 9, Ella and Delilah and I hope we stay friends because they were so excited to meet me. I told them to tell their parents my name is Esther and I say hi.
  11. I do weird stuff and I don't want to be a bad influence on my new pals
  12. I'm so sad because I'm so in love with Pepper that I probably can't get my own new dog.
  13. I thought for a while how I truly believe Pepper and I have similar genetics and he was meant to belong to me and my dad
  14. Whenever I have the urge to say "I'm a psycho" I'm gonna say "I'm great" instead
  15. I'm great