1. Almond milk latte w house made almond milk
    sorry to be a cliche super model on this one!
  2. the sound my nails make when they touch my iPhone screen
    I'm 27 and finally realizing that nails can be cute n sexy
  3. friends from the past
    love talking to my besties from K-12 and exchanging good family drama
  4. family surveillance camera
    sometimes I catch my dog doing the cutest things and it really warms my heart from afar
  5. saying no to exercise
    I'm just not doing it and I know this attitude can't last but for now it's invigorating and releasing its own endorphins
  6. lauren alexander and rumi neely
    my group text with these two is my every childhood fantasy fulfilled
  7. stand up
    keepin it loose on stage
  8. nachos supreme w no meat @ Taco Bell
    im 33% ashamed but I'm 100% white trash jewish