1. Brand new jeans in a light wash
    Light washes require thigh confidence that a girl who went to high school in a pre Kardashian era just doesn't have.
  2. Green juice that comes in a glass bottle
    Just feels like "wow I'm definitely doing at least one thing the same as Rosie H-W today"
  3. Drinking from a 1L bottle of water
    Feels carefree and like "hey, I'm a girl with good skin and hydrated insides"
  4. Violet Grey
    Just knowing about Violet Grey is huge
  5. Erewhon
    Saw Diana Agron here once and it sealed the deal. My latest erewhon recs are: "Fun in the sun" pre made juice, Frittata avail at breakfast only, and as always, GF Apple banana cake.
  6. Brandy Melville
    If Reformation were for high school girls, you'd have Brandy Melville. Cool place to meet teenage girls, Vanessa Hudgens' little sister works at the studio city location.
  7. Aesop rind balm
    I'm realizing half this list is just stuff @rumineely taught me about including this.