Genius Things About House of Cards

No spoilers, just delightful moments
  1. Solid supporting cast.
  2. Ellen effin' Burstyn
    Why didn't I include her in the previous item? Because the lady is fierce. This is a nomination waiting to happen.
  3. Using CNNs real commentators to fill in the info that people who aren't politically inclined need to understand what is happening.
  4. Women.
    In this world, women run shit and get it DONE. Claire, obviously. But Heather Dunbar, Jackie sharp, Catherine Durant, the head of the NRA, the attorney general... True, many of them have been manipulated by the Underwoods, but they are in high positions in a proportion that is not reflected in our own reality and this is IMPORTANT.
  5. They can let a few characters get weird and then barely ever mention it again. Maybe it recurred. Maybe it didn't. But it did show us a relationship shift in behavior, even if it didn't take us back into that bedroom again. You guys know what I mean.