Seriously, it's a LOT of times.
  1. Because I'm an incurable optimist
  2. Because I'm researching a phenomenon known as photographic dysmorphia: the compulsion to post to a dating profile a series of three or more photos in which the user looks like a completely different person in each one.
  3. Because membership went on sale and I can't resist a bargain
  4. Because I hear the voice of my late mother telling me I'm not trying hard enough to find someone.
  5. Because the definition of sanity is knowing that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and deciding that this time will be different
  6. Because I love getting "someone has sent you a message!" emails that turn out to be someone pushing a button to generate this: "I'm sending you a Flirt to get the conversation started! Contact me and let's get to know each other!" #sohot #not #writeasentencegentlemen #comeON