In a world...of no Facebook and copious pizza
  1. Understood the true olfactory terror of walking into a dude's room after he and his dude friends had been in there for an hour #fartkingdom
  2. Memorized the entire soundtrack for Les Miz and performed it with my roommates. My roles: all the men and occasionally Mme Thenardier.
  3. Became known as SuperJew, for the first, but not the last, time
  4. Stayed up in the dorm study lounge all night before my paper was due
  5. Reacted supportively to a friend's coming out to me even though he did it on April 1st and I thought it might be a joke
  6. Every Sunday night, rushed back from wherever I was so I could watch the Simpsons with my friends.
  7. Went trick or treating for the first time (yeshiva girl)
  8. Dated my best friend who broke up with me before a weekend he went away, leaving me to tell all our friends we were no longer dating
  9. Not use the internet because it barely existed even though I had a compuserve email address no one else I knew did...
  10. Fell asleep with my eyes open after an all-nighter, scaring my roommate who thought I was dead (spoiler: I got better)