Things That Would Be Cool

  1. If Carrie Fisher could just be everywhere all the time. And also write and perform lots of stuff. And also be my best friend. (Or at least my writing instructor.)
  2. If Nick Offerman could play Steven Avery in the inevitable TV dramatic movie version of Making a Murderer.
  3. If I could empty my brain into a flash drive and stick it into my computer's USB port to download directly into Wordpress, Word, Facebook etc.
  4. If John Oliver could be on my television whenever I want him to be, commenting on things that I want him to comment on. Like potentially the weird people that I encounter in my life.
  5. If the dudes of various swipe dating apps would actually follow up.
  6. If I could beam my car over to the dealer to get it fixed
  7. If there were some new episodes of Friends. Not filmed new today, but episodes from way back that never aired. "The One That the Network Forgot Behind the Sofa."