Thoughts From Binge Watching Jessica Jones

No real spoilers here, because I wouldn't do that to you.
  1. Is Agent Coulson in this one? It wouldn't really make sense, but I'm always OK when Clark Gregg shows up.
  2. Sure, it's dark, but you know what else is dark? Life. #wahwah
  3. Rachael Taylor and Krav Maga = magic
  4. Wrap dresses for the Pam-win. Although Pam doesn't really win much else.
  5. Is "Sweet Christmas" the go to "Great Caesar's Ghost" of this series?
  6. Carrie-Anne Moss gives great Claire Underwood here. Maybe it's the haircut and designer suits.
  7. Wait for the Star Wars reference. They put that in there just for people like me.
  8. Reminds me of Buffy season 6, which not all fans enjoyed, but which is one of my favorites.
  9. Somber observation: a world in which a Kilgrave mind control type person is at large seems a metaphor for something, perhaps the seeming epidemic of violence we are experiencing. We are not quite in Gotham, but in a world of shootings and violence, including today's shooting in San Bernardino, Jessica Jones' New York City doesn't seem far off.
  10. So when is season two?