Tv Shows That Should Have Musical Episodes, but Haven't So Far

The Buffy episode is the best. I was a theoretical fan of the whole Cop Rock idea too. But these guys have no excuses.
  1. The Good Wife. Christine Baranski. Alan Cumming. Nathan Lane. Christian Borle, Jackie Hoffman, Parker Posey, Anika Noni Rose, Michael Cerveris, Stockard Channing, Bebe Neuwirth, Taye Diggs, Kristin Chenoweth, Laura Benanti....I mean, COME ON!
  2. Once Upon a Time. All that Disney and NO SINGING? There's a curse on the town, all right, and we're the ones paying the price.
  3. Scream Queens. The DNA is there. Lea Michele is there. Nick Jonas is maybe there. Ariana Grande is, um, I don't know. But with the musical cues on this show already present and nearly perfect, can it really be long before the Kappas find themselves at Regionals?
  4. Playing House. They're having so much improvvy fun over there...why not set it to music?
  5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Whedons eventually make music. Why wait for "eventually"? Let's Dr. Horrible this mofo.
  6. The Muppets. The original had iconic performances. I'm thinking today's equivalent of the classics "Turn the World Around" or "Lime in the Coconut." Any suggestions?
  7. The Big Bang Theory. Two flash mobs prove they have the moves and the enthusiasm. The laws of physics demand this. (Disclaimer: I don't really know any of the laws of physics.)
  8. House of Cards
    It could happen.
    Suggested by   @donnie
  9. The Knick. I had the idea when Michael Cerveris showed up in episode 7, but Thackeray's drug addiction could provide the verisimilitude of a song and dance sequence.