Netflix show done snuck up on me and stole my fortysomething heart
  1. Obviously, the main cast. Lily Tomlin is utter Joy. Jane Fonda is charming, and almost makes me forget about all the exercise she forced me to do as a teenager. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are adorable. I want to adopt the lot of them as something midway between honorary parents and honorary grandparents.
  2. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin cursing a blue streak as seniors is endlessly endearing.
  3. The supporting cast,: You can read the full guest star list at IMDB, but Carrie Preston, Swoosie Kurtz, Craig T Nelson, Amy Madigan, Michael Gross, Ernie Hudson… Actors you didn't know you needed to see until they showed up on screen… And they're all awesome.
  4. June Diane Raphael. While she has been good in everything, especially burning love, which you should all see if you haven't already, she takes fierce possession of this role, its power, and its dysfunction, charming with every second of screen time even if her behavior is less than charming.
  5. Character count limit means a second bullet solely devoted to June Diane Raphael. Her wardrobe is on fucking fleek. And I must know what red lipstick she sporting because it's stunning.
  6. I'm a little worried about this last one. But I find myself coveting Frankie's wardrobe. I just love those T-shirts with the long mesh sleeves underneath. Come to think of it, I love Grace's big comfy sweaters too. Maybe I'm ready to be a septuagenarian.