I used to screenshot everything to send to my now ex and it's still a habit of mine even though I don't show them to anyone.
  1. Pixar release dates
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    I had such mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Incredibles 2!!! And on the other hand, I'd be a year short of 30 when it comes out. Would it still be socially acceptable for me to watch kids movies? Tbh I'd still watch it, but I'd worry.
  2. Asking me to hold their baby
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    I love babies, I really do. But more in an abstract kinda way.
  3. Doughnut milkshakes
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    These are apparently a thing back in Aus. I can't tell if it's a gigantic prank or not. One word: Diabeetus
  4. Story of my life
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  5. Is It terrible that this makes me laugh really hard?
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    Probably going to hell now. 😅