I was 8, my little sister was 6. Dredged up due to this list Most Memorable Fight I've Had With My Sister
  1. My mum had handmade this little blue and white sailor moon-ish dress for me.
    With BOWS
  2. And I loved this dress, it was pretty and didn't itch and best of all, my sister had NOTHING like it
  3. Unfortunately, I got too big for the dress and my mum passed it on to my sis
    Who was DELIGHTED
  4. I threw the biggest tantrum and when that didn't work, made my sis PINKY PROMISE to take care of the dress
  5. So, my mum breathes a big sigh of relief thinking that's over and gets us lunch
    Pumpkin soup
  6. Until I look over and see that she's spilt a tiny bit of soup down her front
  7. And I lose it
  8. Absolutely lose it
  9. I'm yelling and chasing her around the house yelling, "YOU PROMISED!!!!"
  10. And dump my entire bowl of soup on her
  11. Then her bowl of soup for good measure
  12. Dress ruined
  13. Sister somehow not burnt
  14. Mum definitely not happy
  15. But she never got to wear that dress again so maybe I did win. 🙃