1. I hate going through Customs
    You have to be polite and serious and answer their questions and try not to seem dodgy or criminal.
  2. Answering their questions is a bit like driving past the police
    You're completely legit and you should be able to answer their questions truthfully but you're convinced you've done something wrong anyway.
  3. But one day I was going through Customs in Dubai and I was just exhausted
    To be fair, the plane ride was 😲 hours long and had been delayed about 6 hours prior.
  4. Zombie Esther was answering questions, not smiling, making sure to look at the camera ✔️
    Also trying to keep all my belongings and PASSPORT with me.
  5. When the Customs guy whispers to the woman next to him, looks at me and says "Your eyes are too small, open them wide"
    Kinda angrily?
  6. 😭 I wanted to tell him that Chinese eyes are generally smaller than what he's used to, and that I'd been on a plane for 11 hours
    I didn't. 🐓 I didn't really open my eyes any wider either because what was the point? Just tried not to blink while he took like 7 pictures
  7. He finally let me through and I managed to catch my connecting flight to the UK and spent a month with my best friend in the snow.
    So really, I'm the winner in this situation. 💅🏻