Or things I do that validate why my parents worry about me living overseas.
  1. Planned to wake early to wash my dishes
    I've been lazy and they've been sitting in the sink for two days
  2. Slept through the 2 alarms I set and woke up in a panic hearing my flatmate starting to cook brekky
    She told me she planned to cook this morning, i.e. Please wash those dishes
  3. Arrived 15min late for work
    I washed the dishes though
  4. Bought a gingerbread mocha and managed not to spill it on myself
    It's crazy windy today, this was really a miracle
  5. Bought a salad for lunch as I was out anyway
    Salad! With quinoa and kale and salmon, see I can adult.
  6. Spilt the salad on the floor
    I was trying to get everyone's attention on my salad and kinda slid it on my desk. It slid too far