Inspired by @aida and @amieshmamie
  1. Whose voice do you hear in your own head?
    My own? If I spend too much time with someone I'll start picking up their accent and slang in my head, but it's still me.
  2. Do you have a best friend at work/school?
    No. I have a few close friends at work and more than one best friend outside of work (from high school, childhood, church). "It's a tier"
  3. How loud is too loud?
    Well... If I have to yell to talk to you then the pub is too loud. I've lost my voice after two hours once.
  4. Do you find yourself making up excuses to celebrate anything?
    There's not really a need? I feel like there's always a celebration going on every other day.
  5. Do you enjoy group/team work?
    YES!!!! Best way to motivate me to do anything. Good thing my work basically involves a lot of team work and open plan offices.
  6. How many dogs do you have?
    None. 😞 but I would love at least two.
  7. In your opinion, which extroverts (public or private) emulate the values and principles that you align yourself too?
    Tbh, I don't really think that way. I love people who are generous (with their time and money) and kind and passionate and willing to learn. I do get quite awkward sometimes and I admire people who seem to know how to make others feel at ease.
  8. At a party, how would you handle wallflowers without offending them?
    Haha, you make them sound like some delicate flora. I'd talk to them one on one, at the level they're comfortable at. It doesn't matter to me if I'm talking to one person or dancing with twenty, it's the social interaction I care about.
  9. What do we need to say to you to be your friend?
    Not much. I accept hugs, food and people telling me they like me.