You know when it's so good you dream about the next time you'll visit?
  1. Chocolate soufflé
    Jackson's, Perth. This place closed last year. :/
  2. Corn bread
    Barbacoa, Bali
  3. Black cod miso
    Nobu, Perth
  4. Lobster roll
    Burger & lobster, London (Soho)
  5. Lamb, hummus, asparagus open sandwich
    Gordon St Garage, Perth. I can't remember what it's called and it's no longer on the menu but it was the most amazing thing.
  6. Seafood chowder in sourdough bread bowl
    Boudin Bakery, San Francisco
  7. Pea & Ham soup
    Alfred's Kitchen, Perth
  8. Xiao Long Bao dumplings
    Din Tai Fung, Sydney
  9. Ai Yu Bing (Lime and jelly drink?)
    Some stall in Ipoh
  10. Currywurst
    Some stall in Frankfurt
  11. Oyster pancake
    Some stall in Singapore
  12. Red bean donut
    Food hall in the Lotte department store, Busan
  13. Duck confit
    Au Petit Sud-Ouest, Paris
  14. Baked cheesecake
    De Bakkerswinkel - Meeneemwinkel, Amsterdam