Foods I'm Currently Craving: Malaysian Edition

We have Chinese, Malay and Indian influences so we have a wide variety of good food. 😍
  1. Chilli crabs and fried buns
  2. Butter prawns
  3. Satay
    Usually grilled chicken or beef in marinade served with cucumber, rice and peanut sauce
  4. Chicken rice
  5. Roti
    There are various types (this one is roti canai). Basically a type of Indian flatbread
  6. Ipoh Hor Fun
    Silky flat noodles usually served with soup, chicken and prawns. Arguably the best ones are from Ipoh
  7. Nasi lemak
    Rice cooked in coconut milk and usually served with sambal (spicy sauce), peanuts, ikan bilis (a type of fried anchovy) and an egg. Sometimes you'll get a fried chicken or fish with it.
  8. Bak Kut Teh
    Herbal meat broth (usually with pork ribs)
  9. Ikan Bakar
    Grilled fish
  10. Dimsum
    Chinese "tapas"
  11. Beef rendang
    Slow cooked beef in a spicy coconut sauce
  12. Wonton Noodles
    Egg noodles with wontons (dumplings)
  13. Zong Zi
    Glutinous rice
  14. Curry Puffs
  15. Keropok Lekor
    Fish crackers
  16. Kueh
  17. Pisang Goreng
    Fried banana fritters
  18. Tau Fu Fa
    Tofu dessert in light syrup
  19. Red Bean Pancake
  20. Pineapple tarts
  21. Kaya Toast
    Coconut jam on toast
  22. Apam Balik
    Peanut pancake
  23. Pandan Cake
    Sponge cake flavoured with pandan leaves
  24. Rambutan
  25. Mangosteen
  26. Jackfruit
  27. Teh Tarik
    Ceylon tea with condensed milk
  28. Teh O Ais Limau
    Basically ice lemon tea
  29. Milo dinosaur
    Basically milo piled on high (lighter version of hot chocolate powder)
  30. Ai Yu Bing
    Lime and jelly drink