Inspired by @olivi_ahh
  1. Being forced (out of politeness) to eat one of the many foods I don't like
    Avacado, Brussel sprouts, capsicum, cucumber...
  2. Being clumsy and hurting a child
    I've accidentally clotheslined a child once. Awful. :/
  3. Getting gum stuck in my hair
    If you've seen that scene where Mindy Lahiri gets her headphones and scarf tangled up on the subway and freaks out. That would be me trying to deal with this.
  4. Losing my voice and not being able to speak
    I love talking, I'm impatient and my handwriting is terrible. Plus people always laugh at you. ><
  5. Birds.
    "I'm not scared of them, I just don't like them" is a lie I tell myself everyday.