How Australia Almost Won The European Hunger Games

This will be the last time I mention Eurovision this year, I promise
  1. Background:
  2. Eurovision in a nutshell
    It's pretty massive, with 200 million viewers.
  3. I love Eurovision
    It's so ridiculous, yet still so earnest
  4. This list explains why I spent my Saturday night indoors instead of at a BBQ (FYI: Aussies love BBQs)
  5. @sarah made a Eurovision 101 list last year
  6. Tributes:
  7. It's not real clear how the contestants are picked.
  8. From what I understand the broadcasters have a lot of control
  9. So in Australia, SBS just picked a previous X Factor winner
  10. But in the UK, Joe and Jake (they met on The Voice) won the public vote
  11. Nicky Byrne - Ireland
  12. Amir Haddad - France
  13. Sergey Lazarev - Russia
  14. Performances
  15. @lucymelia made a list of her thoughts on each act
  16. @LizDawson made a first impression list
  17. Drinking game
  18. Twitter goes a bit mad
  19. Best act:
  20. This year was actually pretty tame, the best act was the host parody song
    Every single cameo is referencing an actual popular act in previous Eurovision contests.
  21. I'll wait while you go watch it, it's 👌
  22. Australia:
  23. We got a wildcard entry last year (Eurovision's 60th anniversary) and we did so well we got a shot this year
    We had to get through semi finals and win votes like the other plebs, so we earned it damnit
  24. Dami is an amazing singer and everyone was pretty much impressed
  25. Also, I quite like her first single Super Love
  26. Votes:
  27. The voting is split by the Broadcaster Jury and popular votes
    JT was the interval entertainment
  28. Each set can basically rank their top 12 (out of 26 contestants)
    Obviously you can't phone/text and vote for your own country
  29. It's usually quite political so Australia which has no neighbouring countries didn't really expect to do well
  30. UK usually does terribly
    UK Twitter went mad when Malta gave them 12 points
  31. Jury votes are announced by country reps
    Apparently the trend this year was bow ties on men. These two are past contestants
  32. Results:
  33. Australia ended up winning the jury votes by a lot
  34. But as the popular votes rolled in...
  35. Ukraine won overall
    Political song by Jamala; "1944 concerns all people that had their own horrible tragedies in the past"
  36. Russia won the popular vote
    Oops, did Eurovision get political again?
  37. Australia won the jury vote
    👊 I'll take it
  38. Sorry Germany