All I wanted to do for NYE was chill on a beach with friends. 💕💕💕 Inspired by @supnims
  1. We drove an hour down south to a beach only really accessible by 4wd
  2. And it seemed others had the same idea
  3. We found a nice little corner and set up shop (tents, cars, gazebos, tables)
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  4. Turns out I learnt a bit from all the camping our family did.
  5. Spent the afternoon/evening chilling, chatting, walks, paddles, fishing (no fish were caught 💁🏻 but we saw a stingray)
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  6. Us girls went for a long walk under the Milky Way and had d&m's (deep and meaningful chats) and an impromptu worship sesh.
    Honestly, the stars!!!! ✨✨✨
  7. Dinner, dancing, games (we played Mafia), sparklers, poppers and the countdown.
  8. Half of us went to sleep around 2.30am. Who knows what the others did, made friends with other campers?
  9. I fell asleep in my borrowed swag listening to the ocean and wind.
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  10. Here's to the rest of 2016 being just as good. 💃🏻