ps. Details in this list might not be strictly accurate, only because I have a terrible memory. 😘
  1. What, this old thing?
  2. South of Perth, and near Albany, there's a hill called Bluff's Knoll
  3. I'd always wanted to climb up it and having lived in Perth for 15 years, I'd never managed to do so.
  4. Once we planned to climb up to see the first sunrise of the year, I stayed up the whole night until 5am and fell asleep 15 min before the drivers woke up
  5. Once we stopped off at my cousin's farm nearby and planned to climb up early morning before we headed off to Esperance. Ended up lazing around with my cousin's cute cute kids.
  6. Finally, I was about to move to Scotland in Apr 2015 and had an unexpected Friday off. So I made my sis drive down and we finally conquered that hill.
  7. I'm awkward laughing in this pic because I'd just been eating an Easter bunny. It's actually in this shot, only I cropped it.