My friend is trying to matchmake his bro because, and I quote "he's old and needs a gf". Just to clarify the brother is 28. *pics taken from google*
  1. See, my bro is cool
    Pic of dude with sunnies on
  2. This is his apartment
    "Isn't it a nice apartment? If you guys dated you could stay there whenever you felt like it"
  3. This is his car
    Not even a real pic of the car, a stock pic
  4. This is his bicep
    Actually a normal pic, but my friend zoomed in on his bicep
  5. This is him eating
    Not a very flattering pic tbh
  6. This is him and Mike
    Doesn't bother explaining that Mike is another brother's kid
  7. This is him and my mum
    "See he's quite tall, taller than me anyway, probably taller than you"
  8. He's coming into town next week!!!
    Cue hopeful grin
  9. Sorry, bud 🙅🏻