This might only be applicable to me. :/ Inspired by @BrandonBoyd
  1. Invite them to all the parties 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    I love parties, if I didn't hate cleaning up, I'd have them at my house all the time
  2. Remind them that it's okay to skip parties/hangs
    I feel so guilty when I skip, but never really regret doing so. I've had friends feel bad for skipping a wedding of someone they met two days ago.
  3. Force them to stay in once in a while
    I have at least one night a week where I stay in and unwind
  4. Tell them how ridiculous they're being when they double/triple/quadruple book
    I will try to go to as many things as you invite me too even if this means I spend more time driving than hanging.
  5. Accept they can be ridiculous (and fun)
    But don't enable their drama, oops 💅🏻
  6. Compliment them
    But don't think they're arrogant or proud when they accept it. I have ZERO time for false modesty
  7. Listen to their crazy stories
    My biggest compliment from a boy was that I spoke the perfect amount. *swoon* I know he was lying, I talk too much.
  8. Be available
    It doesn't need to be fancy but if you want to go grocery shopping or get your car washed, I can be your friend. 👯
  9. Don't mock the FOMO
    I will regularly walk out to the living room to brush my teeth so I don't miss out on conversations.
  10. Push them to talk about their feelings
    Seriously, you guys who can get into deep and meaningful conversations with anyone are impressive. I can go months without thinking of my feelings
  11. Remember that they are different
    Some of my friends were worried I'd be embarrassed if they sang happy birthday to me. Um, what is even the point of birthdays if you're not gonna make me the centre of (the restaurant's) attention???!!!
  12. Love them!!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕
    Turn on Listapp notifications for them (I.e. Me) 😝