I Googled "Perfect Salad" So You Didn't Have To

Basically in response to @shanaz not being able to choose a picture for this list IF I COULD EAT ONLY 10 THINGS THE REST OF MY LIFE,THEY WOULD BE
  1. The perfect salad for fall
  2. How to perfect salad
  3. The perfect pantry
  4. Rainbow in a cup
  5. Perfect protein salad
  6. Picnic perfect tortellini and shrimp salad
  7. At Zabars and Fairway market, and also fundraisers...
  8. Perfect summer salad
  9. Savouring Sunday dinner
  10. 20 refreshing and delicious salad recipes for summer
  11. Perfect picnic pasta salad
  12. Cucumber and strawberry salad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯