1. August is Festival season in Edinburgh, it's a huge deal and accommodation is expensive and booked out in advance.
    There's the original, the Edinburgh International Festival. There's also the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Mela, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and the Edinburgh Art Festival.
  2. The biggest draw however, is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
    It's the world's largest arts festival and performers are everywhere trying to convince you to go to their show. The atmosphere is exciting and fun, even late at night.
  3. I've just counted it up and I'm going to 20 shows/talks next month.
    Like, I'm really excited for this but I've definitely overcommitted here.
  4. I'm also going up to Isle of Skye for 4 days with my dad
    I've been before but I know he'd love it. We've booked at a Michelin star restaurant, and I'm so nervous because it's so fancy.
  5. And to Lisbon for 5 days
    There were cheap tickets and it's sort of a celebration/spend of my first ever bonus.
  6. Oh, and I'm still working most days.
    I wonder how much I'll be able to work from home and avoid the worst of the tourists?
  7. Wish me luck.