It snowed tonight!!!! And in honour of that, my friends, I thought I'd share what I've learnt so far.
  1. Thermals
    Thermals are your friend. I basically live in them. Somehow, I have managed to lose one (out of 3) in the two weeks since I've bought them. :/
  2. Heaters
    I've been told that I will pay for this later and that I should check how much I've used so far. For now, I'm yolo-ing it.
  3. Make the most of the sun
    Once it gets dark, I.e. 4pm I just say bye to all my friends and don't come out until there's sun
  4. Stay in your room
    It's smaller than the living room and thus heats faster
  5. Stay in the corridor
    My flatmate has set up shop in the corridor, as it's a much smaller and brighter area. She has a makeshift study desk out of boxes, and she sits basically on the heater.
  6. Layering
    I was very worried about how to do this. Turns out, it's just putting on as many clothes as you have until you can feel semi warm.
  7. Blankets
    My couch and bed are covered in duvets, fleeces, throws etc
  8. I also recently got this panda shaped hand warmer
    I don't know how it works but it's so nice and warm. And cute
  9. Hot water bottle
    Amazing at warming up your cold, cold bed
  10. Hot baths
    I've never been a huge bath person, way too impatient to wait for that thing to fill up. But I had a bath the other day and it was bliss. 😍