Or my Li.st Wishlist
  1. List Link search: Being able to search for lists while drafting (like with gifs)
  2. Popularity scale: Being able to swipe left/right on my following list so certain people get more air time in my feed
  3. Notifications: Being able to toggle between Personal (i.e. Likes, comments, mentions) and List Notifications
    I keep missing people's lists because it was sandwiched between likes
  4. Following: Like in Instagram, the current tiny section in discovery is too small
  5. Random: Just hit me with a random selection of new and old lists
    Sometimes I want to read lists that aren't on the featured or trending section
  6. Search in saved lists
    I have 515 saved lists and can't find anything in there
  7. Search in your own lists or someone's lists
    Suggested by @solena
  8. Being able to see notifications for comments, likes, requests, tagging, but not new followers (the hard life of recommended users, you know 😅)
    Suggested by @solena
  9. Have categories on the Discover page (i.e. Pop culture, books, life advice) to scroll through lists more tailored to your interests
    Suggested by @elzeno11
  10. Night mode
    Turning down my brightness can only do so much at night. Although inverting the colours through the accessibility menu is a possible option, all of the images colours are inverted as well.
    Suggested by @mrkylematz
  11. Some way to organize saved lists so I can actually find things again.
    Suggested by @DG
  12. Same as @DG, I've been hoping for folders/labels for saved lists.
    Suggested by @Egghead
  13. Folders for saved lists
    Maybe a folder for restaurant lists, or recipe lists, or funny lists, however you want to organize them.
    Suggested by @gnarshiptrooper
  14. Inspired by [the original creator]
    When you create a list that someone was inspired by, it should quote the creator that created the list that person was inspired by. If that makes sense...
    Suggested by @mrkylematz
  15. Folders for drafts to organize different types of lists I am writing.
    Suggested by @gnarshiptrooper
  16. Folders for published lists
    When people come to my profile there would be a folder for funny lists, or story lists, or opinion lists or whatever. There would also be one for chronological order of lists
    Suggested by @gnarshiptrooper