Last Night - Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 (Play)

First things first, it's a brilliant play. I was totally absorbed akin to when I first saw Wicked the Musical. *No spoilers, I don't think
  1. The Palace Theatre is a lovely theatre, so called because of the "palace like" exterior. It's actually smaller and more intimate than I thought it would be.
    Did you know that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote Phantom in his flat at the top?!!! And that there are ghosts? Info per the program.
  2. It was quite crowded getting there but I came straight from the airport so that might just be standard London crush
    Yes, those are the buskers outside the theatre.
  3. I also got there quite early, as they tell you to get there an hour before the play starts.
    The line was quite long, wraps around to the stage door at the back of the theatre, but moved quickly. Security was nothing major, went through quite quick. The security guard did think about opening up my box of chocolates but ended up just feeling how heavy they were.
  4. I was worried about watching a play by myself but honestly, HP fans are possibly the nicest people.
    Met these guys from America in the line outside. They were so excited FOR ME when they found out I hadn't read the script or seen spoilers yet.
  5. Getting there early meant I could relax, go to the toilet with minimal lines, buy merch and pre buy intermission snacks.
    The lines during intermission for the ladies is crazy. The snacks aren't really worth it, bring your own. 😂 They allow you to bring food and drinks (even BYO) to your seats as long as there's no glass.
  6. The people sitting next to me were so fun and excited too.
    One girl is a student from Edinburgh and one was on holiday from Perth! Such a small world. The girl next to me had seen it previously, she'd gotten lucky with the Friday 40
  7. The set is amazing, and the magic tricks!!! If you've read the script, think about certain magic spells/potions they do, and then think about how impossible it seems when they do it live on stage.
    This pic is from the internet as I had my phone switched off like a good girl.
  8. My fave characters were definitely Hermione and Ron. And also Scorpius, he was so funny.
    I felt like Albus was basically CAPSLOCK HARRY 2.0 tbh
  9. It's honestly quite magical as there's just something about watching plays live that wows you, even more than the movies.
    My fave parts were when the actors had to ad lib slightly. 😂
  10. Be warned though, there are scary bits in there. The children I walked past seemed fine but.
    Seriously though, I was so scared in the end scene of part one and I'm a grown ass 26 year old.
  11. I can't wait for part 2 tonight! Keep ya'll updated