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  1. My fave beach
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    Leighton Beach;15min drive from my house
  2. Esperance
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    Amazing beaches; worth the 8 hour drive
  3. Esperance
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    I don't even know what they were called we just drove along the coast and swam in as many as possible
  4. Esperance
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    Lucky bay. There were kangaroos on the beach right behind us!!!
  5. Albany
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    We've gone down the past few New Years, worth the 5 hour drive. Photocred: my best friend Rae
  6. Rottnest island
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    There are quokkas and bikes and...beaches! This was the view from my bed
  7. I promise there's more to WA than beaches but it's clearly what I miss most about home.
    Apart from my friends/family