1. First, I have a question.
    Where do we draw the line at childhood? 🤔 I'm gonna go with 12.👌
  2. I had a great childhood
    Visited India, China, Switzerland, Malaysia and different parts of Australia. Moved a lot.
  3. My parents pretty much let us run wild
    We weren't that wild, let's be real. But I did bring home a stray kitten from school once and they were chill, even when it pooped everywhere.
  4. My sis and I have had some fun, crazy amazing times
    And obviously, some really intense fights. See upcoming list referenced here Most Memorable Fight I've Had With My Sister
  5. But enough stalling
    *drum roll*
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  9. I'd love to relive the times my sis and I slept over at our best friends' house
    Yep, my best friend had a younger sister who was best friends with my younger sister. 💁🏻
  10. We'd lay around, all 4 of us, in the one bunk bed and would chat and laugh or just sit in silence, dreaming
    Or we'd dare each other to do silly things and hang off the bunk bed and fall off way too many times.
  11. Sometimes we'd venture out to ride our bikes or buy sweets or tease their younger brother or play with their dogs
    And their mum would feed us and their grandpa would tell us long winded stories
  12. What I loved best was reading together with my best friend
    We'd each read our own book but did it on the same bed and were aware of each other? We're both bookworms and extroverts.
  13. And we'd chat late at night until we fell asleep
    She was (and still is) tiny but she'd take up the whole top bunk and I'd be squashed against the railing hoping I didn't fall off
  14. And the next morning was always brilliant and chaotic
    Brilliant because their dad would go out to buy us a special breakfast, and chaotic because their ensuite was tiny and we were four preteen girls getting ready together.
  15. We've now been friends for 19 years and she's still one of my best friends
    Even though we haven't lived in the same country in 14 years, she sent me flowers on my birthday this year, all the way from Malaysia 🌷
  16. But I'd love to relive to those times 😘