The #brexit vote on Friday has resulted in a lot of chaos and worry. No one really knows what's happening in the future, so I've delved into my past for a bit of nostalgia. Inspired by @lizabeth
  1. MySpace
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    The gossip, the drama, the stress of selecting your perfect song and profile pic and the ever changing top 8 friends.
  2. iPod
    My best friend and I would share headphones and walk in sync to school. He'd burn me CDs with beautifully drawn covers so we "had better music to listen to". 😂
  3. Msn
    Curating the perfectly vague yet intriguing status to start conversations with boys. Telling your friends brb/gtg when you had to shower or eat dinner. Rehashing all the gossip from school that day and flirting with boys online that never really spoke to you IRL.
  4. Avril Lavigne
    I danced ballet and because of Sk8er Boi, my friends decided we all needed to learn how to skate so I could find a boy.👌
  5. Harry Potter
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    EVERYONE was obsessed with these books but I'd read them young (too early) and got scared when RPat died. (Spoiler alert?) Only got back into them when I was meant to be studying for my final exams and suddenly, really needed to know if Ron and Hermione got together.
  6. The OC
    We watched this recently and were surprised at the amount of drug use that we didn't remember. 😂 I loved Seth and grew to love Summer, and was convinced my mum was Julie Cooper trying to ruin my life.
  7. Phantom of the Opera
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    The movie came out and we were OBSESSED with the songs. We had a lunch table in between the library and the main caf (so high traffic) and we'd stand on the table and sing the songs as loud as possible. IDEK
  8. Doctor Who
    My friends loved this show and told me about each episode. I never watched it but I listened to their stories and Blink freaked the hell out of me. I'm still a bit wary of statues.
  9. Queer eye for the straight guy
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    I loved this show for the makeovers. I had no idea why it had to be straight guys, like, I wanted a makeover, but I loved it.
  10. Mean girls
    Such a quotable movie but made us all thankful our school was nothing like that.
  11. Fanfiction
    My friend printed them out and used to read them in class and after months of pestering finally stopped hiding it and explained what it was to me.
  12. Grease
    I FORCED my friends to watch this every sleepover we had (and we had a LOT of sleepovers). I personally have no idea how my dad didn't go crazy hearing this for the five thousandth time.
  13. Van Helsing
    I watched it recently and it's pretty bad, but we LOVED this movie. Maybe it was just Hugh Jackman. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Continuum - John Mayer
    This came out when we were all getting our licences and I can't really listen to this CD anymore unfortunately.
  15. Singstar
    Basically the only reason we had a PlayStation. This would come out every party, sleepover, hang out, sometimes after a study session.