1. I arrived back home in Aus today 😍
    Warm and sunny and it's the holidays!!!!!!
  2. And as I was unpacking I saw a package with my name on it
    03fed6cf e306 4045 9ab1 7abf54ed27e4
  3. Ooh Secret Santa!!!!
  4. Hmmmm, there's stuff that rolls around inside
  5. And it's open
    Maybe my mum opened it?
  6. Wait, it's addressed to my old house, did I accidentally put the wrong address down?
    Staying with my mum over this break
  7. Oh 😬
  8. It's the Christmas lights
    5b758901 bea6 47cc b57e 67baec6806b8
  9. On the plus side, I found the Christmas lights so our house can stop being the grinch house.