Tbh I know very little about it. THE LIST APP MARCH MADNESS CONTEST
  1. It's originally a sport thing
    Specifically basketball (I'm guessing as @aus10 says to put a 🏀 in the title)
  2. There are rounds and regions.
    I think. We're in Round 1 and I'm in the Midwest region. Not sure if this is meant to mean anything or it's like, North, South, East, West, South East, Midwest?
  3. There are brackets.
    I think this is the betting part, like fantasy football? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. It's basically a popularity contest right?
    Says the girl who was nominated (but not voted in) for student council. 💁🏻
  5. Jk jk, I'm sure there will be some really cool lists coming out of this.
  6. Click bait-y lists I thought of during my lunch break:
  7. How to take flattering nudes
    Sex sells, also, I've literally never taken a nude so this would be the most unhelpful list.
  8. You too can make slutty brownies
    This would just be the recipe for the brownies but again, sex!
  9. Tag along as I make my first foray into Tinder
    I just like swiping left/right on my friends' accounts but have never dared to give it a go.
  10. Live listing: Loch Ness Monster Sighting
    Um.... This could happen, I'm going to Loch Ness soon.
  11. Inappropriate sh*t my coworkers say
    Seriously, they're the worst/best
  12. Inappropriate sh*t I've laughed at in church
    I'm basically a child
  13. Watch me lose my winter belly
    I have been thinking about getting in shape for sailing in Croatia in summer. Key word: thinking
  14. How to clean your room in 15 minutes
    Had a rent inspection the other day, basically just chuck everything into suitcases and put the suitcases in your ensuite bathroom. Ta dah
  15. That's it, my lunch break wasn't very long.
  16. May the odds be ever in your favour.