Disclaimer: I was working until midnight last night and was too wired to sleep until 3.30am. It's now 1am here, I just got back from the party and my ears are still ringing.
  1. Pre-party
  2. Damn. The guys may be dressed in Christmas jumpers but the girls have dressed fancy.
    I was way too tired to pack any clothes this morning. Ended up wearing a summer dress that came in the mail today, only it didn't fit. I had to wear at T shirt underneath it so my bra wasn't showing.
  3. I look like I got dressed in the dark
  4. Ooh, sneak peek. There are free Santa hats and photo booth props and tartan antlers.
  5. Hover near the door, then you'll be one of the first people in.
  6. I need to grab a seat where I can get a tartan antler
  7. Wait, what table are we again?
    No point getting in first and then wandering around forever trying to find the table.
  8. Oh, table 22
  9. It's showtime.
  10. I got me some tartan antlers!!!!
  11. I'm pretty much a Scottish reindeer.
  12. Do they have reindeer here?
  13. -------------------------------------------
  14. Post-party
  15. I really love my antlers
  16. Glad I remembered to bring them home with me
  17. Wait, were these free?
  18. Like, is it the soap in hotels or the towels?
  19. Eh. Finders keepers, losers weepers.
  20. They were really hard to dance in.
    I kept forgetting they were on my head and flailing my arms and knocking them off.
  21. And every time I'd put my wrap on/take it off, I'd knock these antlers off too.
  22. And this wind keeps trying to blow them off my head.
  23. Yes I'm wearing antlers and a T shirt under a dress, what of it sir?
  24. Maybe if I tilt my head slightly backwards they'll stop slipping off my head?
  25. Yes, success.
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