Or Happy Giving Tuesday?
  1. As an Aussie living in the UK, I've loved all these Thanksgiving posts
  2. It's basically meaningless to me though. Turkey day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday
  3. But over the past few days, I did something that made me so happy. 😍
  4. I bought, packed and handed in my Christmas hamper for our Christmas Hamper Appeal!!!!
  5. Look at it
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    Took this pic at work today coz I was so excited!!!
  6. Look at our church, there's so much food!!!!
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  7. The cereal boxes were piled on one of the tables and one side of the table fell down. 😯
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  8. We've set out different zones and your hamper goes in whatever zone you're in
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  9. There's boxes and boxes behind me and in the auditorium and in the foyer and up in the balcony
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  10. I keep thinking of how the person getting my hamper will read my card and hopefully feel loved and enjoy eating all the food. 😍😍😍😍😍
  11. Christmas is probably my favourite holiday. OF ALL TIME. 🎄