I've really loved all the places I've lived in, and it was too hard to rank them. I changed it to be more vague as I didn't want to encourage stalkers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Melawati house, Malaysia
    I was just a baby, we had a maid, my parents were good friends with the neighbours and this house eventually got flooded.
  2. Darwin, Australia
    Our backyard had a gate to the golf club, my mum used to send me down the road to the shops for tomato sauce, there were mango trees along the main road in town and we had a pool I almost drowned in. :/
  3. Balcatta, Australia
    Moving to Perth, we stayed with my aunt for a bit, and ended up breaking a lot of things in that house. Oops.
  4. Bull Creek, Australia
    We finally moved out of my aunt's to live south of the river and to the house where I've spent most of my life. It's a bit overgrown and things are breaking down but the roof is still my fave place to think.
  5. Ixora Apartment, Malaysia
    This is where I learnt Chinese and Malay, and picked up a tiny bit of an accent. There was a cement playground and a pool in the compound and we ran around and made friends with the security guards and drivers.
  6. Bull Creek, Australia
    My dad and I moved back to the Bull Creek house while my mum and sis moved to Melbourne. Fun fact: there is a song about my suburb. Another fun fact: I could probably point out 20 houses in the neighbourhood that my childhood friends still live in.
  7. Edinburgh, UK
    Current flat: My street is known colloquially as "the cat street". And my proudest achievement is carrying a flat packed IKEA bookshelf up the stairs all by myself.