Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Eat meals with me
    In case you hadn't figured out, I'm an extrovert. I'd love to be able to pay someone to eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner with me.
  2. Take pics of my (oh so glamorous) life
    My selfie game is really bad. :/
  3. Coffee
    Getting me mocha in the morning but also making sure I stick to 3 a week
  4. Meal planning
    I actually love grocery shopping. But figuring out what to cook is the worst, I'm too picky.
  5. Track my spending
    I have these detailed personal budgets and an app to track my spending. But actually inputting into that app how much I just spent is too hard.
  6. Slapping junk food out of my hand
    Someone brought in Krispy Kreme donuts to work and no one really ate them. I had 4 over 3 days plus holiday cookies and candy canes
  7. Remind me of details
    I will start telling a funny anecdote and just get lost halfway through because I've forgotten what happened.
  8. Write notes, letters, cards etc for me
    My handwriting is terrible and I can barely read my own notes.
  9. Take the bins out
    I have zero ability to remember when bin day is.
  10. Anyone keen to sign up?