Inspired by @JennyJLee
  1. I'll be there at
    I asked him what time he'd be picking me up, he replied with one of those stock msgs but couldn't figure out how to add the time to the end of the msg.
  2. Is that good?
    I got a 97.5 TER (99.95 was the highest possible mark) for my high school exams and he texted back with this.
  3. You should be home by 11
    I was 19 and he'd never had a problem with me staying out until 3am before???
  4. Ok. Happy new year. Don't do anything anti social
    My only Happy New Year's text from him. Not real sure what he thought I had planned?
  5. Are you okay now?
    It was the day after my first real bad breakup. He sent me an email with that in the subject line and no actual message.
  6. So who cooking for you?
    About a month after my ex broke up with me and days after my housemate moved out. I CAN cook for myself and had been for a few years prior to this.
  7. Too cold for me
    He had leave mid nov and I was trying to convince him to visit me in Scotland. #notconvinced
  8. Boarding now. See you 3 months
    He's been in Houston and South Korea the past 3 years and gets leave roughly every 3 months. Next year he's moving with his project to Canada.
  9. Dinner cooked
    This was my most common text from him when I lived with him. 😍
  10. Miss you
    I've gotten one such text in all my 25 years. I haven't seen him since Jan and won't see him until next July. 😭
  11. This be him
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