Inspired by @alys
  1. So let me tell you a story from my youth
  2. We were at maccas and had (obviously) split into girls and guys
    The guys were talking about sports and the girls were playing that coin game where you use a coin to flick another coin off the table?
  3. Chatting about the best pranks we'd ever played and ended up daring our youth pastor to prank one of the boys
    In our 18 year old wisdom, we decided the best prank would be to steal one of the guy's keys and move his car clear to the other side of the carpark.
  4. She stole his car keys and then chickened out.
    So I stepped up to the plate. It was either her or me, as he drove a manual and we were the only two who could drive manuals (or stick for you Americans).
  5. Amongst a lot of giggling, my best friend and I ran outside to move this car.
    The boys must have been really engrossed in their sport chat as they were right at the next table but didn't twig at all.
  6. With my friend directing from outside the car, I reversed and then changed to first gear.
    And stalled. And bunny hopped about 3 times, each time almost hitting my bestie. 💀 Because I didn't learn the first time.
  7. Yeah, oops.
    Like, I was really really close to hitting her with a car each time. And she's tiny.
  8. In my defence, this guy was super tall and I forgot to move the seat so I could reach the pedals properly.
    The prank actually worked real well, he legit thought that some teens had picked it up and moved it.