I'm a relatively new expat in Scotland from Aus and I just haven't come around on some points. I'll keep adding to this as they come to me.
  1. Two taps, one hot and one cold. What on earth is this????
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    I've been told that you're meant to put the plug in the sink and basically run a bath for your face. #aintnobodygottimefordat
  2. The chip colours are all wrong. Blue should be salt, green should be sour cream and chives or chicken, pink should be salt and vinegar.
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    I keep eating the wrong flavours and getting confused. What on earth is prawn cocktail???
  3. Cans of soft drink are called cans of juice. (Might be a Scotland thing)
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    I was so excited to try a can of juice (juice? In cans?!!!) and opened the fridge to find Coke. What kind of fruit does Coke come from? Or Irn Bru?
  4. No fly screen anywhere.
    How do you stop the insects from coming in? I've had at least 10 bees come in, and the bees here are HUGE.
  5. (mostly) No air con.
    It can get ridiculously hot and foggy on the bus. And then you get off and put about 5 layers back on as its 5degrees outside.
  6. Some businesses just hanging their rubbish in bags on the fence next to the sidewalk.
    Why don't they have bins? Even little bins? Sometimes I have to look up from my phone and do this awkward side step to avoid them.
  7. TV licenses; you have to pay to be licensed to watch free TV. Boo
  8. Subway doesn't offer carrots or baby spinach.
    This means my salad choice is limited to lettuce and tomato as I don't like the other vegetables. 😢
  9. KFC chips are skinny like French fries. 😦
    And there's no chicken salt
  10. No one has a pool and if they did, it'd be too cold to swim in anyway.
  11. Coffee breaks involve walking to the kitchen and not walking/driving to the nearest cafe that makes good coffee. 😓
    On the plus side, I'm down to like two coffees a week now.
  12. No dryers.
    To be fair, I never had a dryer back in Aus. But I had plenty of sunshine, a backyard and a covered patio to hang out my clothes on the odd occasion it rained. Now when I wash my bedsheets I have to drape them around the living room
  13. Gogglebox
    Why am I watching people watch tv...on tv? And how do I stop watching this? Honestly can't tell if I love it or hate it.
  14. Driving on the left but standing to the right on escalators
    The right lane is for fast cars and this should translate to escalators.
  15. Double decker buses
    I never know when to go down the stairs. Do I climb down when the bus is stopped at the stop prior? While the bus is still moving? Or hope the bus driver hears you clomping down the stairs and waits for you to get off?
  16. Cheering after Happy birthday songs
    I don't know if this is actually common here, but after singing the Happy Birthday song, people don't yell "Hip Hip Hooray" 3 times
  17. Ads before movies
    I like coming on time to watch all the trailers before the movie starts. Here it's just boring ads. If I wanted to watch ads I'd go on YouTube.