1. Violence
    I had a terrible, terrible temper
  2. Shouting at my parents
    Or you know, raising my voice, saying something in the wrong tone. :/
  3. Tantrums
    Did I mention that I had a terrible temper?
  4. Bullying my little sister
    To be fair, she's a monster herself
  5. Rolling my eyes
    I honestly didn't know I was doing it half the time
  6. Yelling in the house
    This was before the days when you could text someone to "get me some snacks too ❤️❤️❤️"
  7. Throwing things
    I once saw my friend throw his keys and jacket to his mum like it was nbd. I was so shocked though. 😮
  8. Sitting on the roof
    Idk why but I loved sitting on our roof. But you could always tell because our roof tiles left red marks on my jeans
  9. Cutting my sister's hair
    We were young enough that we weren't allowed to touch scissors. But I borrowed some big sewing scissors and gave her a hair cut. 😉
  10. Wearing shoes in the house
    Asian household
  11. Drinking straight from the carton
    It tastes better 😏