It's pretty much our job description to mess with our younger siblings right? Inspired by @KikiHines
  1. Cute
    I told her that cute meant ugly but interesting and every time someone called her cute I'd smirk at her. My parents never understood why she'd make such a fuss.
  2. Cheerleader
    When my cousin and I played war games and we told her the cheerleader was the most important part.
  3. Masks
    I told her to be careful when our mum had face masks on, because if she got angry with the mask on, she'd turn into the Hulk and never turn back. 😂 She hated this one, because she didn't believe it... But what if?
  4. Stupendous
    I called my sister "stupendous" for about a month as I knew that she'd assume it was similar to "stupid" (pretty much a swear word when you're a kid). Every time my mum would have to calm her down and explain what it meant but my sis never believed her. It's all in the tone. 😄
  5. Hairdresser
    I convinced her to let me cut her hair as it would save my parents money. She changed her mind half way through. I kept going, but she was squirming so much I missed a chunk. Which tipped off my mum. I was maybe 8 years old?
  6. Aussie
    Haha. This one was pretty bad. She was born in Aus and so we all used to call her our little Aussie. But... In Cantonese, if you say it a certain way it means poo. Guess what I used to call her? 😅
  7. Humming
    I used to make up mean songs about her and sing them whenever we were alone. Then every time I hummed the song, she'd throw a fit. Somehow my parents never caught on.
  8. Nothing
    I'd pretend that I'd pranked her, and when she tried to figure out what I'd done, I'd tell her "Nothing" but with a big innocent grin. 😇 Freaked her out no end and she'd work herself into a frenzy.