1. List requests
    I honestly feel so bad that I have like 6 laying around. :/
  2. Takeaway coffee
    Even if it's cold as, I will still finish it because I paid for it damnit.
  3. The box of donuts on the desk
    My client brought in a box of donuts for my team and there are 7 left!!!!!
  4. My lunch
    It's Moroccan chicken salad and it has raisins in it. :/ but I will prevail.
  5. Watching the latest Quantico
    I fell asleep last night maybe 5 seconds into it
  6. Applying for my UK drivers licence
    Exchanging my Aus licence for a UK one. 😀
  7. Planning for my upcoming trips
    Going on a 2 day Inverness tour in Mar, Amsterdam in Apr and Croatia in Jul. Listapp friends, give me your wisdom!!!!