Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. Supervising
    Someone needs to make sure it's done right 😜
  2. Leading
    Or maybe "bossy", "control freak", "dictator"?
  3. Taking the blame
    Somehow anything that happened to my little sis was my fault. She got her finger caught in the door, dad forgot to pick her up from school, not telling her that pigtails were lame.
  4. Protecting
    I'm not as proud of this one, but I once bit a kid who was bullying her. He literally ran into the girls bathroom.
  5. Being stubborn
    My sis is a pro at leading you down nonsensical tangents in arguments. But I'm very good at holding on to my point
  6. Tickling
    I myself am super ticklish, so I needed to always be on the offense
  7. Not being a pushover
    Or hard hearted maybe? I've seen every crocodile tear, sad puppy dog eyes, heard every sob story. Not buying it.
  8. Being hard to annoy
    She has literally jumped on me to wake me up. Not on my bed, on me.
  9. Sleeping through anything
    Main example: she played the violin in high school. In an orchestra as second violin. The amount of screeching she made, and even when it was correct it didn't sound right by itself. 😒
  10. Being competitive
    There's just the two of us, everything is a competition