Things My Coworkers Have Made Fun of ME For

  1. The Aussie habit of shortening everything
    Basically because I said this vid was ~95% legit.
  2. The way I pronounce creme egg
    Apparently it doesn't have the dash that makes it French and so it's pronounced 'cream'
  3. Functional
    I just don't get why people buy things that aren't functional. I have a rug, to keep my feet warm, a mirror, to see my reflection, a dinosaur lamp, that sheds light. Bookshelves, throws, tv, all functional.
  4. Mixing drugs
    I'm sick with the flu so I've been taking Lemsip drink and Sudafed cold and flu tablets. Apparently they both have paracetamol and WHAT WAS I THINKING???
  5. Spilling soup all over the table, keyboard, phone, headphones, floor, power plugs and two coats
    Should've just stayed home
  6. Morning tea
    I have found out that this isn't a thing. Who doesn't want to stand around and chat with your coworkers and eat cake and scones and sausage rolls at 10am on a semi regular basis?
  7. How loud my keyboard is
    One of the guys started playing a typewriter 'ding!' after I typed each sentence. ><