Things That Have Shocked Me: Snapchat Edition 👻

I've really gotten into Snapchat recently and I follow a lot of celebrities so there's always weird and wonderful stuff. These were times I yelled because I couldn't comprehend what was happening.
  1. 👻 @jessicaz posted a snap of like 7 Kylie lip kits
  2. 👻 bagsnob posted a snap of choc chip cookies MADE BY HER CHEF
    People can get warm homemade cookies whenever they want without leaving their house???!!!!!
  3. 👻 jeffma posted a video of PokemonGo players in a park at night (actual screenshot)
    They were shuffling around at night like zombies. Thought it was just Americans until I saw a video of Kings Park (in Australia)
  4. 👻 @eatthelove posted videos of whales (!) and glaciers (!!)
    He's on a Disney cruise. Disney! In Alaska, I think, and the views are STUNNING. Hopefully he lists about it. 😝
  5. 👻 kimkardashian posted a video of her present from McDonalds (actual screenshot posted here)
    Givenchy bag with McDonald gift cards. WHY WOULD SHE NEED MCDONALD GIFT CARDS???!!!!! She doesn't even let herself eat beignets.
  6. I've never been jealous of Kim Kardashian until now. Unsure if I should rage quit Snapchat