1. Where I realise we don't have milk
  2. I've already added hot water to the hot chocolate powder
  3. We have an empty bottle of milk in the fridge
  4. And it tricks me each night
  5. Why don't we bin it?
  6. Do I just drink the watery hot chocolate?
  7. Welp, can't waste the hot chocolate
  8. It's not too bad if you add more hot chocolate to it
  9. I need to remember to buy milk tomorrow
  10. Seriously, the third night IN A ROW???
  11. Please remind me to buy milk tomorrow
  12. I know, I'll write a list
  13. Actually I'll set an alarm
  14. "Buy milk, you dumb child"
  15. Done
  16. Wait, how will I eat my cereal tomorrow?