1. Easter Sunday
  2. 7am: I hope my clock automatically updated to the new time. Check google. Zzzzzz
    Clocks went forward today, so we all had one hour less sleep
  3. 8am: Zzzzzz Wait, what time is it? No time for makeup, grab and chuck into pocket
  4. 8.15am: Run down to the worship leader's (WL) car
    She may have been waiting 10 minutes for me. :/
  5. 8.30am: Music practice starts and... the timer on the heaters are still an hour behind
  6. 8.45am: Hope all the water in the baptism pool doesn't affect the mics
  7. - sing harmony, try to remember the lyrics, figure out where the feedback is coming from, lots of laughing -
    There's a distinct lack of coffee
  8. 10.20am: Music practice is over, TIME FOR COFFEE ☕️
  9. 10.30am: My cafe is shut and my life is over!!!
    Realised later that it's shut due to Easter Sunday
  10. 10.35am: Supermarket coffee it is 😭
    Got a vanilla latte and almond croissant, both were pretty bad
  11. 10.50am: Prayer time
    Realising how lucky I am and being really grateful it's Easter and for what God has done for me. Grateful grateful grateful #blessed for real
  12. 11am: WL welcomes church, countdown plays, video plays
    I never know what to do with myself when this happens, especially during the countdown
  13. 11.10am: We are packed today, all these once a year people are so punctual. Good job on remembering the clock changes guys 👍
  14. - singing, being too eager to sing the one solo I had and cutting off the WLs prayer -
  15. 11:30am: Yes! Mingling time, chat to new people. "Oh, we're done already? They don't give you much time to mingle do they?"
    I say this every week like its a surprise
  16. 11:35am: Sit next to drummer 😉, eat my creme egg
    Low key chat "yeah, the other 2 campuses have a choir"
  17. - also baptisms and preaching -
    I love hearing the stories of people getting baptised 😍
  18. 12.30pm: Oops, forgot the words to the simplest song. Mix of mumbling made up words, casual turn around to see the words on screen, and just stop singing.
    In my defense there were 8 songs in the set list
  19. Lunch, chats with my flatmate, nap and evening service (basically the same thing, different preacher)
    Also, a billion more Easter eggs. 🎉
  20. I also did a word cloud of the songs in the set list today
    In case you were wondering what the most sung word of today was: Jesus