Travel List: Croatia ☀️⛵️🌊

I went sailing for a week in Croatia with my sister (in July), got super tan, met some great people and visited Dubrovnik, Split and Plitvice Lakes. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.
  1. Sailing - checked in, met our skipper and fellow travellers, and were briefed on the rules.
    Most people on the 11 boats were Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans. Everyone on our boat was an Aussie except for one Brit. Our skipper was even from Perth (where I'm from!)
  2. We visited 5 islands over 6 days and did varying levels of sightseeing and partying.
    My fave islands were ones with tiny alleyways to explore and real friendly locals (Korcula and Stari Grad on Hvar).
  3. Korcula is a medieval walled town with the streets built in a herringbone pattern.
    The western streets are straight but the eastern streets are curved to protect from the strong winds. 🌬
  4. It has this cocktail bar that used to be a battlement with amazing views at sunset and where the drinks get winched up.
    You do have to climb this weird little ladder to get up there (difficult in a dress) and it gets full quite quick.
  5. View from the cocktail bar
    We had dinner right next door so we wouldn't miss the sunset, but the fish/steak at that place was really good too.
  6. The island towns are generally small and similar
    They all kinda blend into one for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Sesula - first night
    We were warned to be quiet on our way back to the boats but the locals were having a wedding that night and were louder than any of us. 🎉
  8. Vis - submarine dock
    The island used to be a military base, we went on a tour in jeeps and saw the vineyards and fort (repurposed into an expensive nightclub) and we even paddled into the submarine dock.
  9. Hvar - "party island"
    We hired a convertible and drove on the RIGHT side of the road. Crazy. We couldn't be bothered going but apparently Hula Bula Beach Bar and Carpe Diem were a lot of fun.
  10. Milna - last night
    It was crazy (to me) how lively these towns could be late at night. Children would be up and running around at midnight even.
  11. We went out basically every night and didn't get to bed until ~2am (some stayed out until later but I'm old).
    This is a sunset pic btw
  12. We also did a bit of sailing
    Some people did get really seasick in the choppy weather the last few days, I was fine though. I guess not being hungover helped. 😝
  13. Racing
    This was one of my favourite parts and we came second!!!
  14. "Watersports"
    I could not stay up for very long but he could
  15. Swimming
    We swam every day and even swam up to a shipwreck!
  16. And the food 😍
    This is Peka, basically meat and vegetables baked in pot with a bell shaped dome lid. The amount of jokes we made about "pecker" though. 😂
  17. Cons - I got about 4 hours sleep on average.
    Couldn't really sleep once we started sailing in the morning. We had the front cabin, which was super spacious (for a boat) but also super rocky. It would also heat up quickly once the sun was up.
  18. Other cons - Too much sun and cramped bathroom facilities
    Keep in mind there's not much shade ons boat. Also, it's the standard 1 minute showers, no paper down the toilet, boat rules.
  19. Split
    It's a small town and I didn't see much of it but there's a cool Roman ruin that takes up most of the town (Diocletian's Palace)
  20. Dubrovnik
    This place is crowded and touristy but still so worth it. The view from the medieval city walls is brilliant! And yes, they filmed bits of Game of Thrones around here.
  21. Plitvice Lakes
    It's a stunning national park with lots of lakes and waterfalls. If you can make it, it's totally worth the long cramped bus ride.